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Storage of Thermal REactor Safety Analysis data

The PWR PACTEL facility consists of a reactor pressure vessel model, two loops with vertical steam generators, a pressurizer, and emergency core cooling systems. The new loops and steam generators of EPR style construction enable the PWR and EPR related experimental research. The pressure vessel model in PWR PACTEL comprises a U-tube construction modeling the downcomer, lower plenum, core and upper plenum. The core rod bundle consists of 144 electrically heated fuel rod simulators arranged in three parallel channels. The core can be powered by a maximum of 1 MW electric power supply. The maximum core power corresponds roughly to the scaled residual heating power of the EPR reactor. The total height of the PWR PACTEL pressure vessel model corresponds to the pressure vessel height of EPR. The volume ratio between the pressure vessels in PWR PACTEL and EPR is about 1/405.

Type of Facility
Thermal Hydraulics
Experiments available