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Storage of Thermal REactor Safety Analysis data

The LOBI Project originated from a reactor safety research and development contract between the European Commission and the former Bundesminister für Forschung und Technologie of the Federal Republic of Germany. On the basis of contingent and perceived safety requirements, BMFT LOBI Project decided in 1972 on the need of an experimental programme to be conducted in a integral system test facility to investigate thermal-hydraulic phenomenologies relevant to accident conditions in pressurized water reactors (PWRs) of German design. As result of a tender, the execution of this study was awarded to the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.



  • Investigation of Basic Phenomenologies governing the thermal-hydraulic response of an Integral System Test Facility for a range of PWR Operational and Accident Conditions.
  • Provision of an Experimental Data Base for the Development and Improvement of Analytical Models and the Independent Assessment of Large System Codes used in LWR Safety Analysis.


Facility Configurations

The LOBI-MOD1 test facility configuration was designed to meet the relevant requirements originating from the objectives of the experimental investigations of Large and Intermediate Break Loss of Coolant Accidents (LOCA). A total of 28 tests were performed with this configuration during the period December 1979 to June 1982.

The LOBI-MOD2 test facility configuration, operating since April 1984, represents an upgraded version designed to meet also all relevant requierements related to the investigation of Small Break LOCAs and Special Transients. A total of 42 tests were performed in the period April 84 to June 1991.

Facility is dismanteled.


Test Matrix

In the PDF files attached below you can find more information on the Facility and a very useful Test Matrix with information of each experiment.


Also attached you may find information of CERTA - TN: European Thematic Network for the Consolidation of the Integral System Effect Experimental Databases for Reactor Thermal-Hydraulic Safety Analysis in which JRC participated with the LOBI Facility data and that was the origin to the development of the first version of the STRESA Database.



LOBI_facility.pdf (3.85 MB)
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Type of Facility
Thermal Hydraulics
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