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Storage of Thermal REactor Safety Analysis data

HEVA programme started a series of fission-product release experiments, which have been continued with the VERCORS programme. HEVA and the three VERCORS (RT and HT) series represent a total of 28 tests. The results of all these experiments (carried out by CEA with the support of IRSN and EDF) and their interpretation (by IRSN) have made a considerable contribution to the overall knowledge of fission-product release in severe-accident conditions.
Under eight HEVA tests, conducted between 1983 and 1989 where, maximum temperatures were restricted to 2100K. The main objective was to generate information on release of volatile FPs from UO2 fuel. Between 1989 and 1996, the tests VERCORS 1 to 6 were conducted with an improved apparatus and fuel temperatures up to 2600K, so as to expand assessment of release to lower volatility FPs and begin to address issues of UO2 fuel degradation.
Facility is dismanteled.

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