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Storage of Thermal REactor Safety Analysis data

This programme will help to better estimate the quantity of radioactive iodine released during a core meltdown accident taken into account when elaborating specific emergency plans. The programme results will also be used to better define the means and measures required to limit releases into the environment.

A study on ruthenium chemistry – another radiotoxic product – in the reactor containment under accidental conditions was conducted as part of the ISTP. About twenty tests were performed to assess the effect of irradiation on the volatilisation of ruthenium from the sump or deposits on painted containment surfaces. This study provided experimental data used to determine ruthenium quantities released into the environment in the event of an accident.

Various materials can be irradiated so as to determine the impact of the received dose on the variation in certain properties. This application could be used to study the ageing of polymers, greases and other compounds, which would help improve existing computer models and make it possible to make more informed decisions on the reactor life extension for example.

Facility is in operation.

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