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Storage of Thermal REactor Safety Analysis data

Determination of the vaporization rate according to the composition and the thermodynamic conditions of the corium (with FP simulants) was the aim of the COLIMA (COrium LIquid and MAterials) experiments. The facility provided representative conditions of the aerosols suspended inside the containment of PWRs under a severe accident. According to the scientific objectives of each experiment, different configurations of the facility can be used: corium/materials interaction (concrete, ceramics), release of aerosols from the corium (simulating physical-chemistry of oxidic and metallic fission products, without radioactive isotopes except uranium).

COLIMA consists of 1.5m3 tank, where the maximum internal pressure can reach 0.3MPa. The corium can be melted in a crucible by a thermite reaction or an induction coil that can maintain it hot in order to provide a steady state situation up to 3000◦C. The crucible, designed to contain few kilograms of corium, is surrounded by a thermal shield ring and can be placed at the bottom or at the middle of the tank. The walls of the vessel tank are thermally controlled at 150◦C. Portholes, dedicated to the instrumentation, are located at its top, half height and bottom.

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